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The Journey

The Dream Garden Booth

Discover the talks of LVMH at VivaTech 2024 on the Dream Garden (Hall 1) and the VivaTech stages. During 4 days, we will present the innovations from our Maisons, our Partner startups solutions and our experts will discuss strategic topics on our Pitch Stage. Don't miss the LVMH Innovation Award Ceremony on the Main Stage on Thursday 23rd at 10AM!

14h45 1h15

Personalizing the customer experience with AI

The integration of AI is revolutionizing customer experience (CX), taking personalized interactions to a new level. From real-time assistance to predictive analytics to tailor recommendation, the applications are endless. However, CX is human by definition, strongly relying on authenticity. How do we maintain the human touch in an increasingly automated world? What ethical frameworks can guide us? How can personalization change the way you think and interact with a brand? How do experts predict future evolutions of CX & personalization when applied to their industries? Moderator : Andy Vickers, CTO Generative AI, Capgemini Speakers : Soumia Hadjali, Global SVP Client Development & Digital Client Development, Louis Vuitton Sophie Heller, COO Retail Banking & Services – BNP Paribas Prakash Ramamurthy, Chief Product Officer, Freshworks
10h30 15 min

From transformation to acceleration: Tech, HR & digital at the luxury forefront

Johanna Ponté x Franck Le Moal x Gonzague de Pirey (Expert Stories)
16h 15 min

The use of Generative AI in Innovation Workshops

Elodie Levy x Arnaud Pelletier x Olivier Le Garlantezec
15h30 15 min

How AI startups are impacting the Luxury Business: ChatLabs & Aive

Olivier Reynaud x Rudy Lellouche x Michel Tioeng x Juliette Leconte
13h15 15 min

Human-Centered AI recommendation

Axelle de Goursac x Jean-Marc Marty x Mona Mokart
16h15 15 min

Redefining Luxury: Mastering The Omnichannel Journey With Video Commerce

Mayram Ghahremani x Diana Delgado
14h25 15 min

TAG Heuer x Apple Vision Pro : Discover Immersion Golf

Laura Van Respaille
14h45 15 min

Sephora's AI powered tools: Tailored Beauty Experience Online & In-Store

Sara-Rhiannon Gualandi x Eliza Mao x Prabaharan Elangovan
15h45 15 min

Bodyguard x Louis Vuitton: Making Social Media More Ethical with AI

Sixtine Wittlin x Charles Cohen x Jean de Salins x Juliette Leconte
12h10 15 min

Moët Hennessy Bubbling Innovation: How Technology Shapes the Art of Champagne Making

Delphine Rigoutat
10h15 15 min

LVMH China : Gen AI Landscape in China & Three Learnings from Practice

Feiyue Li
13h30 18 min

Startup Finalists

Operation Excellence Category - Alexandre Gence
12h40 20 min

Cultivating Luxury with Care: Measuring its environmental impact with Genesis

Armel Yver x Adrienne Demalleray x Lou Deladerriere
16h50 20 min

Meet the Women at the forefront of the Green IT revolution

Sonia Vieira x Christelle Capdupuy x Caroline Tremel (Expert Stories)
10h00 15 min

LOEWE Crafted to move: Collaboration between LOEWE & On

Charlie Smith x Ron Peterson
15h00 15 min

Les Echos and Artificial Intelligence: Towards a New Era of Information​

Violaine Degas x Marie Van de Voorde
11h30 15 min

Louis Vuitton Transforming The Customer Journey: The power of tech to elevate engagement

Christophe Plouseau
11h15 15 min

Le Parisien's Transformation: A journey through Tech & Product Innovation ​

Sophie Cassam x Sam Ramachandra​
11h50 15 min

Facets of Innovation at LVMH​

Laetitia Roche-Grenet x Xavier Litrico x Franck Le Moal x Gonzague de Pirey
13h00 15 min

LVMH x Rimowa : Rimowa's Digital Product Passport: recipe to craft an elevated client experience

Benoit Aubas x Hassan Benahmed x Julien Morel